2023 Programme

9 AM Arrival and registration

Session 1: Trafficking, transport and the cytoskeleton

Session Chair: Alessio Vagnoni

9:30 AM Marvin Bentley, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, "Kinesin Phosphoregulation is Integral for Dendrite-selective Transport".

9:50 AM Jessica Bithell, University of Warwick, "KIF15 regulates dense core vesicle transport in neurons".

10:10 AM Holly Burbidge, The University of Manchester, "Ciliary sequestration of Smoothened facilitates actin remodelling to drive axon extension during vertebrate CNS development"

10:30 AM Dhanya Cheerambathur, University of Edinburgh, "Repurposing the chromosome-segregation machinery as a "tuner" of actin dynamics during dendrite branching"

10:50 AM Natalia Sanchez Soriano, University of Liverpool, "Microtubule networks are a key lesion site in ageing neurons and a key driver of neuronal decay"

11:10 AM Coffee break

Session 2: Organisation across scales

Session Chair: Emilie Hollville

11:25 AM Jose Norberto S. Vargas, UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, "BDNF controls transcriptional and signalling networks governing cytoskeletal organization and axonal transport and regeneration"

11:45 AM Lubna Nuhu-Soso, University of York, "Characterising the neuronal functions of TLK2, an intellectual disability gene"

12:05 PM Rosalind Norkett, Francis Crick Institute, "Investigating the Mitochondria-Plasma membrane Contactome"

12:45 PM Holly Rutherford, University of Sheffield, "Microglia replacement in a zebrafish model of childhood leukodystrophy as a potential therapy"

Lunch, networking and poster session

12:45 PM Lunch & posters

Plenary speaker 

15:00 PM Ilan Davis, University of Oxford, "mRNA localisation in glia and its role in neuronal plasticity"

Session 3: Synapses and signalling

Session Chair: Mathew Horrocks

15:40 PM Paul Donlin-Asp, University of Edinburgh, "Imaging local protein synthesis in the mouse cortex"

16:00 PM Vincent Croset, Durham University, "Post-synaptic gating of dopaminergic modulation in the Drosophila learning and memory centre"

16:20 PM Jimena Monzon Sandoval, UKDRI at Cardiff University, "Activity-dependent cholesterol biosynthesis in human-derived astrocytes increases functional maturation of human-derived cortical neurons"

16:40 PM Nicol Birsa, UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, "Axonal stress triggers a transport-independent somatic stress response"

17:00 PM Closing comments and departure